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Nexus 7 was cancelled on April 2015 after producing two models in its line. It was succeeded by Nexus 9 and then Nexus 10. So it’s quite puzzling that there are rumors circulating about a Nexus 7 that is going to be released in 2017. Is this true? If so, how could it?

The resurrection of old things is not unheard of. Have you ever heard of film remakes? It’s all Hollywood can seem to do now. That and film franchises. Have you ever heard of old video games which can finally be enjoyed in newer consoles and game players? Yes, that kind of resurrection has been around for quite some time now. However, it’s quite rare for dead device series to be resurrected.

The death of the Nexus 7 line of tables was even reported in The Verge, a notable source for tech news. The article also noted that those still interested in the device can scour sources like Amazon to see if they still carry it. But on Google’s part, the Nexus 7 is over – they are no longer producing it. That was way back in 2015. Have things changed? What prompted news to spread about an upcoming Nexus 7 in 2017?

It’s not just a plan for a new Nexus 7 that has been shut down, but the entire Nexus line as well. Speaking to Bloomberg, Android chief Hiroshi Lockheimer said that there are no plans to do more Nexus devices at the moment when asked if they were killing off the Nexus program. That interview was done in October 2016 at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. So it’s plain and clear right there from a top-ranking member of the Android team: Nexus is not being killed but there are no plans to make one just yet.

Not making one is quite understandable given that Google has launched Pixel and Pixel XL quite recently. According to Lockheimer, Nexus devices were Android in its purest form while Pixel is Google’s. He also alludes to the success of the Nexus devices as they were able to provide a device that was both budget friendly and a good performer.

So given those statements as well as the lack of credible news on the matter, it’s really a puzzle as to why there’s suddenly news about an upcoming Nexus 7 device. Sure, Pixel and Pixel XL have been launched – it’s done, it’s out there and it’s doing well. Maybe this news about Nexus 7 came about as a “what’s your next move” kind of thing? It’s hard to tell.

The death of Nexus has been reported way back in 2014. However, those rumors were shut down by David Burke, Google engineering director and Nexus program manager. He said that Nexus was important for Android and that it would never go away. Those same thoughts were echoed by the official Nexus Twitter account when Pixel was finally unveiled.

So despite rumors of a Nexus 7 phone in 2017, there still hasn’t been official word from the makers themselves. While it’s fun to speculate, it’s best to wait for confirmation.