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Microsoft’s Minecraft will soon release what is probably the biggest update it has dropped on its player base. The patch called Console Edition will contain a lot of new features which will enhance the overall experience, as well as give it a fresh tone.

Before getting into the game world features, it is worth mentioning that the user interface side of things will also be updated so that players may enjoy a more refined look. Alongside new status effects, mobs, locks and items, players will also receive more active components in this Holiday Patch.

One of the prime new additions to the game that everyone is eyeing will be Elytra, which is a glider players can use to launch themselves into the air and get a truly airborne perspective on whatever they’re building or exploring. As cool as Elytra is, being the only item in the new update wouldn’t have been too pleasing, so of course, Microsoft added more content (more than ever before, for that matter).

Another important item that will become available in game will be Dragon’s Breath. Dragon’s Breath will be harvested to collect an important ingredient, used in one of the new potions introduced to Minecraft once the update hits.

While there will be a lot of new items to interact with, players will also have Ender cities, which will give them new places to visit, with weird new mobs wandering in the area.

This update will work towards unifying the platforms and bridging the gap between the content levels on all platforms. This will be done of course by adding all this extra content to the console versions of the game, bringing them closer to the PC and mobile versions of Minecraft.