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Pangu is silent about when it will release the iOS 10 jailbreak tool. However, according to reports, the hacking group will probably release the mentioned tool sometime in the near future.

We remind you that some previous reports have claimed that Pangu has already hacked the iOS 10, but it just waits for Apple to release a new major update for the operating system.

Unfortunately, Apple has already released the iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1 and for some reason, the hacker group has not brought the jailbreaking tool for the iOS 10.

iOS 10 Jailbreak To Be An Open Source

According to a post on Weibo website, the iOS 10 jailbreak will be released as open source. Unfortunately, the post is in Chinese, but it seems that the guys from iCrackUriDevice have managed to translate it.

While the translation may not be 100% accurate, it seems that Pangu has already worked on the iOS 10 jailbreak and it will bring some changes to it, including making it an open source system to the iPhone 7.

iOS 10 Jailbreak To Have Its Release Delayed

Due to the time consuming process, the iOS 10 jailbreak might not be released as soon as many of us expect. However, according to Redmondpie, Pangu has demonstrated a few months ago that there is a security flaw in the iOS 10, which allowed them to find a way to exploit it.

In other words, the jailbreaking community should not worry about Pangu being slow on releasing the iOS 10 jailbreak. All reports that have appeared on the internet clearly indicate that the hacker group will release the iOS 10 jailbreak sometime in the near future.

Will you install the iOS 10 jailbreak once it will be released by Pangu? Tell us the reasons why you prefer to run a jailbroken iOS 10 instead of the official operating system!

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