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Google Play Services is best described as a background service for Android devices. It is through this service that Google apps can be updated from the Play Store. The main functions of the service are to authenticate Google services, synchronize contacts and provide access to user privacy settings.

The service is also in charge of making the app service better by speeding up offline searches, providing immersive maps and enhancing the gaming experience. The current version for this service is 10.0 which was rolled out on October 29, 2016.

Of course, the end of October rollout was for a major version – there will be fixes and other improvements along the way. This means that while the major version still stands at 10.0, the build version will differ. The last time Services was updated was on November 14, 2016. The version number for that release is 10.0.84.

What’s great about Android devices is that you can choose to install Google Play Service with the use of an APK. Yes, the best way is still through the Play Store, but if you want to try a manual way of installation, using an APK is it. Before installing with an APK, you have to figure out which version is right for your device.

How do you do that? You can either download the Play Services info app or head over to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Services and check the three-digit sequence found in the parentheses. X represents the Android version, Y stands for the CPU architecture and Z represents the DPI.

Google Play Services is important to the performance of your device and as such, you should do your part to keep it updated. Version 10 brought with it some signal improvements and bug fixes so you should make sure to bump up your version to the latest.