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Arguably, the most dominant browser in the market today is Google Chrome. It has already taken over the top spot from Microsoft Internet Explorer. It was not so long ago when Chrome was known to bring down system performance. Thus, the latest update hopes to resolve this issue.

Accordingly, Chrome 55 will be the one to represent the result of its intensive effort that should reduce the memory consumption. It was reportedly caused by the JavaScript V8 engine, which has impacted the memory footprint of Google. This was used in various websites that should provide more dynamic experience for the users.

Google tries to resolve this by updating the JavaScript V8 engine with a reduced heap size as well as zone memory that should enable the memory to utilize less RAM. This should be very useful when browsing more complex websites. At the same time, Google is trying to improve the performance of the garbage collector code of Chrome. This will clean up the RAM that is no longer used, while releasing it back to the system.

In this new update, Google is expected to provide a reduction on the amount of RAM that the browser will use. It is reported to be cut by about 50%. Thus, the company was able to compare the RAM usage of Chrome 55 to other current versions on various websites. The impact of the latest updates was also measured.

The updated Chrome 55 will work towards supporting not so robust machines, which include those that only have lower than 1GB of RAM. Thus, it is expected that this will work to make a browser more functional, which will perform well in systems with lesser memory. Likewise, it will support more extensions and more open tabs for users with heavier needs and beefier devices.

Google is going to release Chrome 55 in December, but you can install the beta version of Chrome as it will be the first to receive the update. For sure, it will have some potential bugs.

But, if you are going to use an alternate browser, it is best to compare some well-known comparisons, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, and Vivaldi. This will basically give you an idea which type of browser will fit your specific needs. However, you only need to make sure that your chosen browser will surpass Chrome 55 standards.