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There have been four Apple events for 2016 and it was the one scheduled in March where rumors started to swirl about a pending iPad Air 3 release. The year is about to end but that device is still yet to be seen. Others are pointing at a March 2017 release, but truth be told: we haven’t heard anything else from Apple or trusted sources.

In January 2016, there were rumors of a new iPad Air. The news was broken by 9to5Mac which announced that Apple would unveil said device during a special event in March. It didn’t seem wrong to assume at that point given the last iPad Air was released in 2014. In short, it seemed due for an iPad Air 3.

A month before the March Apple event, 9to5Mac also announced that the iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5se would be released on March 18, three days after the scheduled March event. This “news” was labeled as highly unlikely given that it isn’t Apple’s style to immediately release products – there’s usually a gap between announcing it and releasing it.

According to 9to5Mac, the iPad 3 Air would have additional speakers and its rear camera would have a flash.

When the March event finally comes, nothing was mentioned about an iPad Air 3. However, a 9.7-inch iPad Pro was unveiled and hailed as a “worthy successor” to Apple’s iPad Air 2. With an Oxide TFT display, the newest iPad model was less reflective than the iPad 2. Apple also said that the new iPad Pro is the device Apple built that had the brightest screen and the widest color gamut.

Additional speakers were rumored for the iPad Air 3 and the iPad Pro came with four audio speakers. The front-facing camera is capable of shooting 5MP while the rear camera can capture 12MP and 4K videos.

According to Apple, they made this iPad smaller because they wanted to give consumers a device that was powerful yet transport friendly. Apple also didn’t make it a secret that they want Windows users to cross over and embrace their products. They believe the power and portability of the iPad Pro are convincing enough to merit a switch.

The three other Apple Events – one in June, the other in September and the last in October – didn’t specifically mention the arrival of an iPad Air 3. Even worse, there are rumors circling around that Apple is looking to end the Air line and that the iPad Air 3 would be the last model for the series.

Is it possible for that to happen? For now, everything can be considered a possibility. However, Apple has really done well with tablets so it’s rather surprising they would be killing off the brand. Then again, they did launch a Pro line which might eventually replace Air.

While there is no official news as to whether the Air line would be killed or not, it’s possible that a new model would be coming out in March 2017. This estimate is based on past Apple releases. So we’ll just have to wait and see.