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Clash of Clans fans are highly anticipating the December update, and everyone is speculating about what new features this update will bring. We analyzed all the reports regarding Supercell’s December update and gathered all the credible ones to present them right now.

The last update Supercell rolled out was back in October and it brought a bunch of changes to the game, from the new troops to upgrade cost changes.

What’s interesting about the October update is that it was originally supposed to drop in September, but it was delayed with one month and fans are worried that this might happen again with the December update as well, especially since Supercell is keeping their mouths shut and not revealing any additional information.

Free Mining Gem & Shipwrecks

Clash of Clans fans are lucky since there already is a ton of leaked information about the upcoming update. The leaked data contains information about new additions such as the Shipwreck, which is rumored to reward the player with 50,000 gold for every repaired ship.

After repairing a number of shipwrecks the players will receive a limited number of days in which they can mine for gems. The free gem trial period will probably last for only five days.

Hog Rider VR

The 360 degree Hog Rider video that Supercell uploaded is titled “Hog Rider Virtual reality is here”, and this lead many fans to believe that VR content might be introduced in the new update.

Also the Air Defense is reportedly receiving updates to give players more options of attacking. We also know that if players decide to purchase a Red King Statue they will also be rewarded with a Red Barbarian Archer Queen and Red Barbarian King statue.