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The PlayStation 4 has a couple versions that you can select from, which include the PS4 Pro and the PS4 slim or the 2016 model. However, there are many speculations that if you purchase a PS4 now, it may seem that the PS5 is coming in two years. This means that if it will be out soon, chances are that you might regret buying an older version, while the latest has just been released in the market.

So, how will you justify your decision to purchase an older gaming console? If you are going to wait for the PS5 though, you might just skip a beat and voila! But, regardless of your decision, you still have to decide on your own. Thus, here are some of the specs of the PS4 that you can compare with other gaming consoles in the market today.

  • Software Advantage of PS4 Pro

In comparison to the original PS4, the PS4 Pro has an advantage when it comes to software. However, it can’t have exclusive games on its own, so all software should work on the older hardware. Thus, games will still be allowed to have exclusive improvements, including high resolution textures, improved frame rates, and better resolutions.

  • Design and Accessories of PS4 Slim

The new PS4 model is a slimmed down design of the original. However, it will not so much different from its predecessor in terms of dimensions. Basically, the new slim model may have new looks, but there are no radical changes that can be expected from its accessories. The new DualShock 4 controller though comes with a light on its touchpad, but it should have the same design.

PS4 Pro has been released with a list of 30 games, along with its independently confirmed titles. This list is expected to increase by half based on the claims made by the manufacturer.

Here are some anticipated features that may come with the new PS5 in a couple years.

  • Diskless

The possibility of having a diskless gaming console is huge, since tech industry experts demand the demise of the disc. Perhaps the only reason why the disc is still existent is the Internet speed, which needs to improve. Thus, the disc might still be around by that time, but it should be a better one.

  • Cloud-Based

If the PS5 will come today, it should be based on the cloud storage. In fact, it should threaten the existence of consoles. This is what’s happening in the music and film industry these days. Although physical records remain, more and more people are turning to streaming devices nowadays.

  • Support for Virtual Reality

The existence of the PlayStation VR has proven to be compatible with the PS4 Pro. This means that it will be an advantage over other gaming consoles in the market. For this reason, the PS5 should be a gaming console designed to support VR.

When it comes to console updates, it doesn’t matter how advanced your gaming console is. It is just a matter of how satisfied you are with the specifications of your current toy, regardless if it’s a PS5, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, or PlayStation VR.