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The Pokémon Go has become very popular in a short period of time after its release, but after a while, most of the players have just stopped playing the game.

For Thanksgiving, Niantic has brought more perks to the game and offered a week of double rewards. At the same time, the developer has introduced Ditto to the game. According to reports, more promotions and twists are expected to happen next month (December 2016).

In addition, Pokémon Go is expected to be released for Apple Watch before the end of the 2016. Niantic needs to keep the current fans interested in the game or else they risk to lose even the avid Pokémon Go fans.

It is good to know that most of the players have stopped playing the Pokémon Go game mostly because there were some users who’ve used cheating tools to find Pokémon or other items. In addition, some players have used cars to get from a place to another, which isn’t what this game was meant to be. The idea of Pokémon Go was quite simple: play the game and find Pokémon while walking outside of your house.

The max level of Pokémon Go is 40, which all the enthusiastic players have managed to reach it in just a few weeks. Once they’ve hit the maximum level, the players have started to get bored of the game and just left it.

Soon enough, the developing company has included some tweaks to the gameplay and rewarded the users who play Pokémon Go more often. At the same time, the company has added some special events to keep the high level players interested.

We have to agree that Pokémon Go is losing more and more players and Niantic will need to bring some big chances to the game. This way, it will keep the current players interested, while luring some new and old players back to the game.