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The HTC Vive has been released back in April 2016, but it seems that the Taiwanese consumer electronics company, headquartered in Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan is already working on a new VR headset.

Rikard Steiber, HTC’s spokesperson, has confirmed the rumors regarding the new virtual reality headset that the company is working on. According to Steiber, the new VR will come with a new design and it will have an improved performance that the current virtual reality headset lacks. HTC’s spokesperson added that will evolve around the innovative world of the VR industry, which means that we should expect some major hardware upgrades for this upcoming device.

If rumors prove to be right, the upcoming VR headset will be named Vive 2, but the name was not confirmed yet by HTC. According to Tech Radar, HTC wants to compete directly with Oculus Rift and this means that it will try to bring better specifications than what Microsoft’s VR headset offers.

There are some reports which suggest that the HTC Vive 2 will be wireless. We remind you that some reports have suggested that HTC and Quark VR are working together to produce a prototype for a wireless headset that would come with a higher resolution also.

HTC has not yet confirmed if it will release a wireless version of the VR headset in Q1 of 2017, but we’re pretty sure that the company will make an official announcement regarding the Vive 2 sometime in the near future.

We have to agree that it is just a matter of time until all players will want to play their favorite games using a VR Headset. However, since the price of the headset is still quite high, it will take some time until the current VR headsets will get a big discount.

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