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Those using Mozilla Firefox should know that an update has been pushed for the internet browser, while those considering giving Firefox a try now have the perfect opportunity to try it out. What better time to test out a browser than after it had just received a fresh patch?

Mozilla Firefox was the first internet browser to emerge to popularity on Windows PCs, that wasn’t Internet Explorer, the default browser which came pre-loaded with Windows. It’s been quite some time since Mozilla first came out, before changing its identity to Firefox, and great improvements have been reached.

As mentioned before, the browser started out on PCs, as a Windows internet browser. However, as time changed, so did Firefox, and so we have come to enjoy a mobile version of the browser as well. Operating on Google’s Android OS, Firefox brings the fight to its competitor as Mozilla’s app rivals Google Chrome for smartphone browser supremacy.

The newest APK for Mozilla Firefox is 50.0.1 and comes with improvements for its welcoming structure and features. Users that have never used Firefox prior can expect an easy to understand interface, similar to Google Chrome for that matter, with tools that let you customize your experience the way you want it. When you fire it up, the app will display a “ Frequently Used” style page, where it will display a collection of your most visited websites on the browser. This comes in great help, as users can easily access their favorite web locations, wasting no time. Preferred websites can also be bookmarked for safe keeping, available to the user at any given time.

If you want to try a new browsing experience you are curious about Mozilla Firefox, you can download the fresh 50.0.1 APK and see if it suites your browsing style.