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At the beginning of this year, Facebook has introduced a simple basketball game, where users were sending a basketball emoji to a friend and if the other person tapped on that emoji, the game began inside the messaging app. Now, when users start a conversation and tap the game controller icon, they are able to choose to play one of the 17 instant games, no matter if they own an iPhone or an Android device.

In only three months, the basketball game was played 1.2 billion times and Messenger chief David Marcus said that “We were shocked by how successful this was and how people really enjoyed not only playing games on Messenger but also challenging their friends.” So, the new feature added to the popular Messenger app is now rolling out to 30 countries and it brings up to 17 instant games that can be played individually or in a group chat.

Ever since Facebook was launched and started adding apps and games in the App Center, many users shifted to smartphones and recently, the company has released a desktop gaming platform for Windows called GameRoom, which offers a plethora of casual games, puzzlers, shooters and strategy titles. Also, we remind you that on March 24, 2014, Mark Zuckerberg has announced on his Twitter account the purchase of Oculus VR, investing intensively in immersive gamming.

Facebook Messenger is updated very often, but it rarely receives new updates. The addition of the controller icon in the chat window has surprised many users who didn’t expect to see it in the attachments panel, but they were curious to try out the new games introduced by Facebook, which include arcade classics, puzzlers, and many more. So, here are the new titles available in the latest update of Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android:

-2020 Connect
– Arkanoid
– Brick Pop
– Endless Lake
– Everwing
– Galaga
– Hex
– Pac-Man
– Puzzle Bobble
– Space Invaders
– Shuffle Cats
– Templar 2048
– The Tribez: Puzzle Rush
– Track & Field 100M
– Wordalot Express
– Words With Friends: Frenzy
– Zookeeper.