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Each year, there is a specific time window in which the rumors regarding the latest Samsung flagship start to surface. The huge following that the Korean tech company has makes it so that each new release is awaited with passionate anticipation. Speculators do not run from the opportunity of being the first to uncover new details about the newest Galaxy device, and each year we have crazy stories reported from shady affiliations from the Asian market. However, through the mists of confusing rumors, there are the accurate rumors, if you will, which contain grounded information with high chances of fruition.

It’s that time again, as rumors regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 have started to emerge. While there is still plenty of time before we actually see the device, let alone get our hands on palpable information about release dates and features, we can start formulating an idea of what the handset’s specifications will look like.

The first rumors about the S8 are referring to the device’s RAM allocations. Sources claim that Samsung is planning on putting 6 GB of RAM into the S8, which is quite a large amount for a present-day smartphone. While smartphones bearing 4 GB of RAM is nothing out of the ordinary, 6 GB could seem too much of a stretch for some, thus making them reluctant to believe the speculations.

There are also talks about a 256 GB version of the handset when it comes to internal storage capabilities, but there are naysayers that claim this is due to the device not coming with microSD support.

Samsung is also expected to maintain the ongoing habit of releasing two flagship models, as they have done for the past two Galaxy S generations. We are talking of course, about the Edge variant, which comes with an edged display, although there has been no official announcement as of yet.

While we wait for 2017, we can hope for a device unveiling at next year’s Mobile World Congress, where we could see the Galaxy S8 and potential Galaxy S8 Edge.

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