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There are several hints at new Meizu devices coming sooner or later to the brand’s customers, some being rumors circulating through the community while others are teasers coming directly from Meizu. While their high profile Meizu X device is expected to be present and also presented on the 30th of December at an event held by the phone manufacturer, there is also new variation of the recently released Meizu M5 which could possibly drop (or at least be announced) at the beginning of December.

It is yet unsure if the Meizu M5 Note will feature the Flyme 6 OS that is users will potentially be able to try on the Meizu X, but clues indicate that regardless of the carried OS solution, the Meizu M5 Note will get a full-blown announcement on the 6th of December. Let’s go over some of the speculated features of the upcoming M5 Note.

As seen with other brands marketing their devices with the “Note” name, some might expect the new Meizu handset to feature a larger than regular display. That’s not the case however, as the M5 Note comes with a 5.5 inch display, the same size as the regular Meizu M5, and it does so for all three of its upcoming variants.

There is a slight different in battery capacity between the three variants, with one sporting a 4000 mAh unit whilst the other two rick a slightly lower 3920 mAh battery. The RAM and internal storage capacity options also differ depending on the selected version, ranging from between 2, 3 and 4 GB of RAM, with up to 64 GB of internal storage made available. All three models will feature 13 MP/5MP camera combos for the rear shooter and front camera respectively. Last but not least, the processing power will be allegedly supplied by the Helio P10 processing unit from MediaTek.

There is still time some time before the Meizu X will get a proper announcement but those interested in the Meizu M5 Note will get more official information about the device next week.

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