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Google and Amazon have put the bases of a new gadget market. We are talking of course about smart speakers, represented today by Google Home and Amazon Echo respectively. While the two devices thrive to achieve the same goal pretty much, they are noticeably different products, meaning that one might better integrate into a home than another, for a couple of reasons. Before we get into that, however, let’s take a look at what these smart speakers are made of (literally).

Both Google Home and Amazon Echo come in tube-like shapes, but of different sizes. The 9.3 inch Amazon device is way taller than its competitor, which stands at 5.62 inches. The customization options are also different, with the Echo offering black and white matte color variants while Google opting to allow the user more creative freedom (as is the case with Google in general). What that means is that the Google Home smart speaker has interchangeable bases of different colors, so you can make sure it’s compatible with the color palette in your home.

When it comes to specs, both devices have their speaker at the bottom, with the Amazon Echo pulling slightly ahead since it has a 2.5 inch woofer that pairs with the 2 inch tweeter, as opposed to Google’s configuration which sports 2 inch radiators all around, with the 2 inch driver included as well.

Both devices come with multiple commands and buttons placed on top of the units, but also feature voice recognition, meaning that users can simply speak out their commands. Both devices feature far-field voice activation so there won’t be any need to shout across the room with either smart speaker. The Amazon Echo benefits from its 7-mic configuration. Here, 7 microphones are paired up around the speaker and in union they are able to cancel out noises coming from any source while focusing on just one sound source (the user’s voice).

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