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It is very important to maximize the functionality of your Web browser. Be it Android phone, tablet, and PCs, the compatibility matters the most, aside from syncing, searching by voice, and saving up to 50% of data usage when browsing.

Here are basic functionalities of Google Chrome.

Sync across devices – this will access and open bookmarks and tabs from your tablet, phone or laptop.

Save data – this will reduce data usage when browsing by up to 50%.

Voice search – it will be easier to find answers on the go even without typing but via voice search.

Faster browsing – you can search from search results as it instantly appears as you will type and quickly access visited pages.

Translate – this will enable users to read webpages at any specified language.

Intuitive gestures – this will allow you to open as many tabs as you want and quickly flip through them through swiping from one side of the toolbar to another.

The latest downloadable version of Google Chrome is the beta version 55. It is lightweight and will be compatible for devices running on Windows, Android, and iOS.

You will be able to update using the installer on your device. Here are the steps:

  • Download the installer file from a reliable source
  • After downloading, make sure that your Chromium browser has been closed.
  • You need to execute the installer file
  • Simply wait for 2 to 3 seconds. Just wait because the installation is silent
  • Once done, you can notice that the Chromium browser has already been update.

You can also update using the archive browser. Here are steps for you to follow.

  • Simply download the file for installation.
  • If possible, try to close the current browser. Just make sure you have saved the necessary pages.
  • Unzip the file before you are going to install.
  • You may also want to delete the files from your installation directory.
  • You also need to move the files from the unzipped chrome file directory onto your installation directory.
  • You have to open Chromium browser after the installation. You will be surprised to know that it is already updated.

As an open-source version of Chrome, you can optimize it so that you can use it for portability. You can even run it via USB Flash, CD, iPod, and other portable hard drive. If you want to optimize your browsing experience, perhaps it is time to download the latest version of Google Chrome.