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Pixel users who received screenshots from their friends who have an iPhone 7 have complained that the images look distorted. It seems that everything’s ok when sending a screenshot from a Pixel to the iPhone 7, and it’s not known what causes this problem.

Several users have discussed on Google’s product forum, where they posted screenshots received from an iPhone, taken with a native or third party application, and images look distorted. The person who reported the issue has mentioned that the iPhone 6, 6s or 7, but other users said that they received distorted on their Pixel phones sent from the iPhone 7.

It seems that the problem doesn’t go away even if users start their devices in safe Mode, which means that the issue isn’t caused by a third-party app, and in addition, screenshots look normal when they’re sent between iPhones or to other devices that run on Android 7.0 or earlier versions.

More users have showed screenshots received from other Android phones and iPhone 6, 6s and older generations, and they look normal, and this suggests that the problem is related strictly to the Pixel phones, Android 7.1 Nougat and iPhone 7/7 Plus. We assume that there’s an incompatibility between the latest Nougat version and Apple’s latest iPhones, which doesn’t allow them to “communicate” appropriately, no matter what messaging applications people are using. This means that even if users will install other messaging applications, the screenshots sent from the iPhone 7 to Google’s Pixel will still look distorted.

Apparently, the problem “takes a break” sometimes, because occasionally, users receive clean screenshots and only with certain applications such as Spotify. Until now, Google hasn’t commented anything on the matter, so we don’t know when this issue will be fixed, or if it will affect other smartphones that will receive the Android 7.1 Nougat update.