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Adobe Flash Player is a tool that can’t go missing from a developer’s toolbox. The features offered by the Adobe service are so valuable that not having them could be considered a major detriment to your project. As Adobe Flash Player 24 enters its Beta phase, the perfect opportunity to go over what Adobe Flash Player 23, and Adobe Flash Player in general have to offer. After getting a more detailed perspective on what is it exactly that Adobe brings to the table, you might find yourself more eager to try out Flash 24, which promises even more features and important functionalities.

If you’re not using Google Chrome or another browser that comes with an integrated Flash Player from Adobe, you will surely recognize how often you are required to have the latest version of Flash installed. That is just how essential Flash has become to the functionality of a lot of media outputs on both the online and offline medium. Flash dependant applications and games, as well as video playback and other browser-based forms of media delivery can be found at every corner.

The Adobe Flash Player alongside other services from the Adobe suite permit developers to create highly elastic content such as games (2D or 3D) or applications, and the nature of Adobe’s Flash makes it so the end result can be re-scaled and re-purposed. Let’s look at some of the features available for Adobe Flash users.

  • The use of Flash in video games enables developers to tap into the power of DirectX and OpenGL with full render support from the GPU;
  • The Flash capabilities allow users to access stunning high definition video playback through standard codecs and again, the use of GPU firepower;
  • Flash bumps bitmap support to all time highs, enabling the creation of fluent animation with interactive functionalities. Some of the features included cater to bitmap caching and bitmap decoding;
  • Get the CPU going with 4 core task distributive rendering which allows for 1080p videos through vector graphics.