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Probably learning from their Marshmallow blunder, Xiaomi hasn’t announced anything as to when their devices will be getting the Nougat update. With Marshmallow – which was released in September 2015 – the company made an announcement that testing was in the final stages in December. However, users of Mi 4, Mi 3 and Mi Note didn’t get Android 6.o until months later in the early stages of April 2016.

We can only assume that Xiaomi doesn’t want to replicate that error for the Android 7.0 update which was released in August of this year. The year is about to close and it’s probably safe to say that Xiaomi devices might be getting Nougat next year.

But to be more specific, will the Redmi Note 3, Redmi 4 Prime and Mi 5 be getting Android 7.0 Nougat? It’s hard to tell for the others, but things are looking good for the Mi 5. Xiaomi recently announced they were looking for beta testers for the Nougat on a Mi 5. Since the announcement was quite recent, it’s wise to assume that device won’t be getting an upgrade by the end of the year.

Smartphone makers usually take months to tinker with a new OS before rolling it out to compatible devices. But if a timeline were followed, we can use the release of Marshallow for the Mi 4, Mi 3 and Mi Note. That release took around four to five months after Marshmallow was officially released. So we can estimate an update around January, but this is speaking for the Mi 5 – the Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 4 Prime are a different matter.

The Redmi Note 3 was released with Lollipop out of the box while the Redmi 4 Prime had Marshmallow. Some reports have included the Note 3 among Xiaomi devices getting Nougat but the Redmi 4 Prime wasn’t included. We just have to wait and see when Android 7.0 finally rolls out for the Mi 5 next year.