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Not that long ago, WhatsApp rolled out the video calling capability for the app through a new update. Already, competition arises. Hike, another messaging application, also inaugurated its video call feature, very shortly after WhatsApp had done so. Let’s see what each service offers and what users expecting the best video communication quality can hope for.

WhatsApp’s version of the feature comes as both welcomed and a tad lackluster at times. The main problem with the WhatsApp video call system is that during a call, audio might not be on par with the video quality. While the app preserves high resolution imagery, it doesn’t translate very well on the audio side, leaving users in a bit of disarray when it comes to figuring out whether or not they are pleased with the service. The video feature can be accessed on WhatsApp from the same top dialer icon where the voice chat feature is located.

Hike on the other hand, although having only a fraction of WhatsApp’s user base managed to deliver a much more sturdy video calling ability for the app. While high quality pictures are always great, users might sometimes find themselves in situations where that isn’t an option and Hike recognizes this by automatically switching from HD mode to lower video quality. This obviously makes the experience less enjoyable, but Hike only does what is necessary in order to keep the video call going.

The alternative when there is not a sufficient bandwidth is to terminate the call. Hike promises to deliver on iOS devices in a timely manner, as for now it is only available for Android operated devices. Launching on the other major mobile app platform will definitely see Hike increase its user count exponentially.