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WhatsApp stepped up their game and added a new feature which should have been added a long time ago. What the developer team behind WhatsApp is bringing to the app right now is the ability to stream videos while they are still downloading. When WhatsApp users want to watch a shared video, they would first have to wait for it to download before being able to play it, but now WhatsApp is allowing their users to watch parts of the video that have already buffered. To get an idea of how this works, think of YouTube videos and the way you can view them while they are still buffering.

The developer team behind WhatsApp has been working really hard these past few months and because of that they released a bunch of new updates that gives the app an edge over its competitors. Just a few weeks ago the security of user accounts has been drastically increased with the addition of two step authentication thus making user accounts almost unbreakable. Also the app recently introduced the video calling feature, which is something fans were highly anticipating since all other apps already had video calls for a while now. The new feature is considered to be a direct shot to Apple’s FaceTime and Google’s Duo, the two most used video calling apps.

Worth mentioning is that the streamable video feature can only be found available on Android operated devices right now. Users of other operating systems shouldn’t feel left out because they will soon receive the update in the next week. With an user base of over one billion,WhatsApp knows too well that they have to keep the app at equal versions on all platforms so that their users won’t move to another app.