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Superintendent of Police Deshmukh Shekar Sanjay has launched a new round-the-clock public information system called “Hello Police”, which will allow WhatsApp users to alert the police on any illegal or anti-social activity. This service is available starting today.

WhatsApp users who will want to report illegal activities to the police, such as harassments, theft, noise pollution caused by public address system, sand mining etc. will use “Hello Police”, the new system that will enable the application to call or send a message to 86086 00100. According to Deshmukh Shekar Sanjay, the police have set up an exclusive control room which will receive calls and messages from the public and will try to solve their complaints.

The Superintendent of Police has assured WhatsApp users that their names or phone numbers will not be revealed, as they will be kept confidential and that their complaints will be taken seriously. There are 38 police stations in the district and each of them have been provided with two wheelers with revolving light and siren, so that two policemen will attend the alerts made by complainants to Hello Police.

When a WhatsApp user sends an alert to Hello Police, the control room contacts the police station from his/her area and the policemen arrive at the spot in maximum 30 minutes. Mr Deshmukh has added that the police will move fast because the policemen in charge to deal with every alert will need to report back to the control room. Also, the complainants will receive feedback on the action taken.

The good news is that WhatsApp users will be able to alert the police at any time of day or night, as “The system will work round the clock 24×7”. Using the instant messaging application, complainants are allowed to send photos, audio and videos with profs of illegal activities.