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Google has released one of the best smartphones in a while, but like any other new device, it has some issues that frustrate users. The good news is that most problems can be solved, no matter if the fingerprint stops working, or the battery isn’t charging correctly. We’ve come up with a list of possible solutions that will get you out of trouble.

Poor/No WiFi Connection

If your Google Pixel can’t connect to the internet, then the problem is most with the WiFi connection, and in this case, you will need to restart your device, then head to Settings > Wi-Fi and toggle it off and on. Try again to access a website and if you’re still unable to connect to the internet, then turn Airplane mode on, then off, or remove your home network from Settings>Wi-Fi, by tapping Forget. Then, re-add it and try connecting again. If this doesn’t work either, reset your network settings by going to Settings>More (Under Wireless & Networks)>Network settings reset>Reset settings.

Pixel Won’t Charge (Correctly)

Some users have complained that when charging begins, their phones are not responsive or quick, while others reported that they aren’t unable to charge their Pixel phones at all. Some potential solutions would be: trying a different wall outlet; testing your charger with another device to see if it’s the culprit; restarting your phone; cleaning the charging port; connecting it to power, then waiting to see if the battery icon appears and if it doesn’t show up, restart the phone.

Pixel Crashes Constantly Or Restarts

There are many causes, but we’ll focus only on possible solutions:

– If Google has released an update, manually check for it by going to Settings>About phone>System updates;
– Some applications need to be updated, as well, so open the Google Play Store app, tap Menu>My apps & games and select all apps to be updated or one by one;
– If you’re running out of space, the device will become sluggish, so start deleting photos, media files or applications that you rarely use;
– When an application isn’t responding, force stop it by going to Settings>Apps;
– Sometimes, the only way to solve a problem is to reset the device to its factory default settings by going to Settings>Backup & reset>Factory data reset>Reset phone>Erase everything. Before doing that, backup your important files.

Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

The introduction of a fingerprint scanner on phones makes things easier for users to lock/unlock their devices, or to authorize payments. But when the scanner isn’t working, the first thing users to restart their phone, then try using the scanner again. When fingerprints are not recognized, they must be deleted in Settings and new fingerprints will be added. Or, maybe the scanner has grease or dust on it and this is why it doesn’t work as intended, and it should be cleaned with a dry tissue.