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Nintendo 3DS is finally receiving Pokemon Sun and Moon and everyone is thinking about who’s going to be their new starter pocket monster, but what not everyone knows is that you can transfer some items from the previously released Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo version. The Demo version was released a few weeks ago and it gave players the option to test out an exclusive Pokemon and some new items as well. Pokemon players can transfer their exclusive Pokemon and items obtained in the Demo version to the full version of the game.

Players should already know by now that they can transfer their Ash-Greninja from the demo version to the full version of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Ash-Greninja can be transferred just by talking with Professor Kukui in the Pokemon Center.

If you have played Pokemon Sun or Moon and have made save files using either the cartridge or digital memory, you can go ahead and start up the demo game then go in the Pokemon Center where you will find Professor Kukui who can help you transfer the saved data. Professor Kukui is the one who also informs players that Ash-Greninja will not listen to any trainer that did not complete two grand trials. The same way badges worked in the previous game levels.

After you will finish talking with Professor Kukui and transfer the Ash-Greninja and designated items you will need to close the Demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon and open up the full versions of the game. When you start up the full game you will need to head to the nearest Pokemon Center where you can find the NPC for a talk. The NPC is a guy that’s wearing a blue and orange shirt, and he will be the one that will provide you with the transferred Ash-Greninja and sent items. As soon as you complete two grand trials the level 32 Ash-Greninja will become available.

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