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When Pokemon Go was launched it managed to become one of the most popular mobile games ever in a record time as well. What made the game so successful is the fact that it appealed to a wide range of players, from kids that are just enthusiastic about playing a new game to adults that grew up watching Pokemon on TV. The game was so successful that in the first days of its release, it had the entire world out on the streets chasing Pokemon everywhere.

The only downside of a popular game like this is that it gets quite boring after a while, Niantic Labs are aware of that and for that reason they keep constantly launching new updates. The last Halloween themed update managed to bring in some new players to the game and at the same time keeping the active player base entertained and seeing the rise in popularity it brought to the game, Niantic Labs will release a new major update in December.

The December Update

Reports are showing that the new December update will bring the long expected PVP fighting system and also around 100 new Pokemon that is surely going to make the game reach the top spot in the gaming world again. Worth mentioning is that among the 100 new Pokemon, the legendary Mew and Mewto will be added as well.

The majority of reports are made from speculations based on what Niantic Labs has been teasing for a while now, but we still have to wait for the developers to confirm the new upcoming features. Pokemon Go data analysts are saying that they found source code that represents new attack moves, leading us to believe what the reports are showing. Another reason to believe that Niantic Labs will add 100 new Pokemon in the game is because their Halloween themed update brought a ton of new players to the game and most importantly it brought $60 million of profits to the company.