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One of greatest joys of some smartphone users is to constantly change their ROMs and implement custom ROMs that improve their experience with the device. Those simply looking for an alternative for the vanilla look and feel of a device can also take the custom ROM route, giving their smartphones a makeover.

With the new OnePlus 3T now on its way to eager customers, some were wondering how long it would take for a custom ROM to pop out. Fans weren’t waiting for just any ROM, but a secure one that does the phone justice. It would look like someone is watching over them, as the full-blown, safe custom ROM for the OnePlus 3T is here as well, going hand in hand with the release of the handset.

The origins of the firmware can be traced to a developer which goes by the name of jcadduono . The XDA affiliate has managed to create a working, flashable firmware known as TWRP 3.0.2. The installation process is similar to that of other Android devices such as the Nexus handsets or the Galaxy line. The process is relatively easy and requires the user to run an OEM unlock by using their computers.

It is critical that users do not attempt to flash this custom ROM on their regular OnePlus 3 devices, as it was only intended for the OnePlus 3T. Doing otherwise could permanently damage your device, and no one wants that. Although it is an early release, the build is reported to have been working just fine for those who have already installed the custom ROM. While more ROMs could pop up once the OnePlus 3T has had a chance to settle in the market, it’s great to see that the device already has a healthy community backing.