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No Man’s Sky is quite a controversial game, when the main developer Sean Murray marketed the game he promised players a lot of new and unique features but after buying the game players found that what they bought wasn’t even close to what they were promised. For that reason Sean Murray and Hello Games received a lot of hate, one customer even went the extra mile and sued Hello Games for false advertising.

As a response to all the bad reviews they were receiving, the developer team behind Hello Games promised players that they will release new patches to include all the missing features and it looks like they’ve gone through with their promise and launched a surprise update.

After receiving all the hate, Sean Murray logged off social media and didn’t write anything for three months but he finally logged back yesterday and revealed the No Man’s Sky 1.1 “Foundation” update. The developers behind Hello Games teased this update a couple of months ago by giving a vague statement about an upcoming base-building centered update. The update includes a bunch of new features but right now we will go over the key feature brought by the “Foundation” update.

No Man’s Sky Base Building

Players of the game already know that there are bases spread all around the cosmos in No Man’s Sky the only downside being that the player cannot actually do anything important in those alien bases. Hello Games listened to their player feedback and decided to give their players the option to build his own base. The player can now hire different alien races to help him build the base or to work at his farming station and maybe even in the player’s weapon development section. Another cool feature that bases bring to the game is that now players can fast travel to their home base from anywhere.