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As the new year is approaching slowly, talks about the newest Apple smartphone release have begun to flourish. While the majority of the Apple fan base is talking about the future device, the iPhone 8, there is a smaller percentage of mobile users that are looking forward to another release from the tech giant.

It has been rumored that on top of the traditional flagship upgrade, which next year will take the form of the iPhone 8, Apple is also planning on releasing two other smartphones under the iPhone 7S line. Apparently, Apple allegedly has plans to keep the line going as a mid-level solution for those who want an iPhone but can’t really spring for the full-blown iPhone 8. There are two versions of the 7S rumored to drop next year alongside the main handset, although there aren’t many details to go off of.

Unfortunately there aren’t any specifications made available as of yet, nor an official confirmation that the two alleged lower-end devices are on Apple’s plans for 2017. The only speculation flying around is referencing the display, saying that the lower iPhones will probably not sport the same OLED technology but instead go for LCD, the former being reserved for the flagship unit.

Obviously, the whole point of mid-range iPhones would be so that mobile users with a smaller budget could still be able to buy and use an iPhone. This means that the specs featured on the potentially upcoming iPhone 7S units, although not revealed yet, will be significantly inferior to the iPhone 8. That being said, hyped Apple fans should limit their expectations so that disappointment won’t be imminent.

With 2017 still a month away, Apple enthusiasts wait for new information regarding both the mid-range devices and the iPhone 8 flagship.