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Eagerly awaiting fans of the Final Fantasy series can finally rejoice. The long awaited continuation will be made available to Xbox One and PS4 players on the 29th of November. This is great news as constant rumors and updates about the franchise’s newest iteration have been popping up, further hyping the community.

The approaching release date also brought forth the ability of pre-loading the game, which means people can download the game in advance and once the release date comes, they can access and play the game. Pre-loading the game has been made available in Japan and has permitted Japanese Final Fantasy players to discover the size of the game on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

It is also worth noting that a Day One patch has been already announced for the game, meaning that players which download and install the game also have to download an addition patch right off the bat. This patch will noticeably impact the game and is not optional. The changes brought include improved performance and fixed bugs, but also newly implemented features such as a whistle that lets you attract monsters. The Day One patch will only add to the overall size of the game, but sources say they have uncovered the base size for each platform.

The Xbox One version will have 50.94 GB while the PlayStation 4 will have 50.70 GB. This goes contrary to the game page on the PS Store which says that players are required to have 40.5 GB of free space on their consoles, meaning that there was a potential error involved when putting the page up. This explanation is more likely than an alternative where the initial game size had been boosted by  over 10 GB during production.