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Just a few days after the news about Pokemon Go tweaks and updates leaked out, a new pocket monster has been added into the game, Ditto to be exact. Yes, that pink blob-like creature has made its ways into Pokemon Go, and is believed to change the game drastically.

Pokemon Go trainers’ grassroots network, The Silph Road, recently discovered newly added codes in the game files that point to the addition of Ditto and other Generation 2 monsters. The v0.45 APK’s code added a new move to the game – Transform, which is a quick move instead of just a charge or special move. Transform happens to be Ditto’s signature move.

Ditto has the ability to mimic other pocket monsters it encounters, including all their moves and using them during a battle. Things can get ugly, depending on which creature it is up against. The only downside is that when it comes face to face with another Ditto, nothing much happens. But you can still win the fight by tapping aggressively.

The addition of Ditto is beneficial to both Pokemon Go players and Niantic, especially with the way the game studio set up the pocket monster.

For one, you’re going to need to catch a lot of scrub Pokemon until you get lucky and capture a Ditto. The monster is a shape-shifter, after all, and will only reveal its true form when captured. This means you need to keep walking around and playing, ensuring that Pokemon Go will maintain its reputation as a popular game. Niantic is happy, and so are you.

For another, it adds unpredictability into the game. Lateral additions, such as the buddy system, catch bonuses for medals, and regular gameplay tweaks are expected. They keep people interested, but not for long. The addition of more creatures, however, will bring excitement back to the game, and ensure everyone expects the unexpected.

Ditto has certainly proven it deserves a lofty spot in Pokemon Go, being the latest monster to be released. Even someone with a complete Pokedex will have a reason to get back on the trail, walking, hunting and playing Pokemon Go.

How many more monsters can we expect?

Based on the v0.45 APK’s code, there will 100 new Pokémon that will be released, starting with #152 Chikorita and up to #251 Celebi. There’s plenty of excitement surrounding the identities of other creatures in between, which will ensure Pokemon Go’s place in the mobile game app world.

Ditto’s appearance in Pokemon Go shows that Niantic is continuously looking for ways to keep players in the game, which is probably every game developer’s struggle. The addition of new creatures and lateral content will definitely go a long way. But the mobile game could do so much better with integration of major new mechanics, such as a brand new battle system, single-player gym battles, or PvP battles. What better way to cure boredom than to go against other Pokemon Go players, right?

From the Pokemon Go 0.330 update download to version 0.45, the game is definitely changing. More exciting too.