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The MacBook Pro is a laptop device manufactured by Apple which has garnered a lot of attention and positive attributes. Most people that buy Mac devices would have already owned some form of Mac in the past and knew what they were getting into. In the case of those tech consumers but also the newcomers that have tried out the MacBook Pro with no prior Mac experience the results were positive, meaning that the customers were happy with what the MacBook Pro had to offer.

However, that isn’t always the case. And if you find yourself among the people that don’t quite feel the attraction to Apple’s device, it’s ok. The laptop isn’t perfect and can’t cater to all the specific needs of every person. Whether you’re a laptop user with no particular affiliation or a diehard Apple/Mac consumer, you can find another solution for your laptop requirements that can do the job just as well, or even better. The main thing you will have to deal with is the fact that using a non-Mac laptop means using an OS other than MacOS. In this article we’ll be going over some Mac alternatives that can give you a fresh perspective.

Microsoft SufaceBook

The first Windows alternative, and probably the one that brings the most to the table is the SurfaceBook from Microsoft. The device is a hybrid laptop that can also transform into a tablet device by removing the keyboard panel altogether. This makes the device extremely portable and convenient, with the MacBook obviously unable to follow in its footsteps. The Surface devices have climbed to the top of the market and are now considered top notch options thanks to their great specs and Windows 10 operating system which has been trained to be highly responsive to touch commands, making the transition from peripheries to touchscreen seamless and effortless.

 Razer Blade

Razer have been working and developing new gaming tech for a really long time. For those interested in a viable gaming solution, Razer Blade comes prepared with monster specs and also a very high quality display which also supports touch commands, just like the Surface Pro. If gaming is very important to you, Razer’s laptop solutions might be what you’re looking for, as gaming on a Mac is not only virtually impossible but also kind of a popular joke running around the internet.

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