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Everybody knows the annoying feeling of being constantly spammed with phone calls by telemarketers and what’s more annoying is that even if you tell them you are not interested they will call again with a different phone number so you don’t avoid their calls, well there’s a solution for every problem. The app market is filled with third party apps that block selected numbers and restricts them for calling or text messaging you. This feature became so popular that most high end mobile devices came with it pre-installed, but if you don’t own such a smartphone, don’t worry since there are apps you can download for free. Right now we will present you with the best call blocking apps.

Calls Blacklist

This app offers its user a large array of call blocking options, the user can even add a whole country to the black list by blocking numbers with a specific prefix. The app provides its users with a black list in which they can add designated numbers from which they don’t want to receive calls, or just select to block all “unknown numbers”.

Call Control

The most popular call blocking app right now, it has been downloaded and used by millions of users from all over the world. What sets the app apart is the fact that it block calls silently, meaning that users won’t even realize someone is spam calling their mobile device.


The app is being used by an active user base of over 200 million, and what makes the app special is that when someone calls the users phone, the app will automatically show the name and photos of the caller, even if the user doesn’t have the caller’s picture and name in their device. Truecaller is also able to recognize unknown callers and block them. The only downside is that the app requires the device to be connected to the Wi-Fi or 3G.