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It seems that building your own PC has become quite a trend these days and everyone is trying to maximize the amount of high end technology they can install on a PC by building it themselves. The problem is that if you are inexperienced, building a PC can get tricky because almost all PC components are compatible with each other and that makes it hard to choose the right one.

Best CPU

The two most prominent CPU manufacturers are AMD and Intel. You will have to choose one of these two companies before starting the building process. Both AMD and Intel offer high end CPUs that are expensive and also affordable ones, in general AMD chips are the more affordable ones. The cheapest AMD chip sets are the A-series dual-core processor and AMD Sempron that have a starting price of $30. On the other hand Intel’s cheapest CPU is the Celeron 1820 dual-core that’s priced at $45.

If you are looking for a higher end quad-core processor and cannot afford the Intel Core i5 that can be bought for the price of $180 you can choose to opt in for AMD’s quad-core A6-5400K $45 processor. The AMD A6-5400K is a pretty good choice because it can run the majority of games at medium details and 1080P resolution and also it won’t drop any FPS. Even though Intel’s chip sets seem to be pretty expensive, they are higher priced because they do actually offer higher graphical performances.

Processor Overclocking

Manufactures usually set a fixed clock speed level so that their processors will perform at a stable rate. PC users tend to tweak out the processors so that they can be overclocked to higher levels in order to give higher performances.

Both CPU producers offer CPUs that can be overclocked for an additional price. Intel has the Pentium G358 that can be overclocked from the base level 3.2 GHz up to 4.5 GHz and the CPU comes at the price of $70. While on the other hand AMD has more overclocking support offering their AMD A-Series APUs that can be overclocked, for the price of only $45.