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According to new reports, a new WhatsApp version has been released and it allows users to view video content without having to download it on their mobile devices. We remind you that until now, users had to download the videos they have received on WhatsApp, before being able to view them on their smartphone.

In other words, you will be able to view videos like you did while browsing YouTube and other streaming websites. Unfortunately, it seems that this new update is only found on the latest WhatsApp version for Android devices, as it is not yet sure when exactly the application will receive this feature on iOS or Windows Phone platform.

We remind you that latest week WhatsApp has recently released a major update, which brought new improvements and features to the application. The WhatsApp application has finally received the Video Calling feature on Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone OS. This new feature has been expected for quite a while and it seems that the developers have finally found a way to bring it to the application.

You should know that there are new rumors which are suggesting that the multiple Video Calling feature will be added to the application. This will allow you to add 2 or more friends in the same Video Call and create a kind of “Video Conference”. However, as expected, the developers have not confirmed that they are currently working on this feature, so we should take these rumors with a bit of salt.

The Video Calling feature is using a good amount of data and we suggest you to use it while you have your smartphone connected to a Wi-Fi network. However, if you have unlimited mobile data, you can always use it without any problems.

We remind you that the WhatsApp application has also received two-factor authentication security last week, which makes the application more secure than before.