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Why would anyone want to jailbreak their phone, honestly? Couldn’t they just switch to a device that actually allows you to customize certain aspects? Why stick to a phone that has too many restrictions in the first place? All of these are pretty valid questions with no straightforward answers.

Many choose Apple because they have constantly delivered amazing devices over the years – devices which not only look good but actually function well too. Also, the limitations of Apple’s devices make them less susceptible to security risks. Based on that fact, why would anyone want to jailbreak their phone right?

Well, there are certain “freedoms” offered by a jailbroken device. One, you can customize your device however you want. Two, you can install apps that are not on the Apple Store. Three, it allows apps to have extra features. These are just a few of the reasons someone would want to jailbreak their device and they are pretty good ones.

Pangu, the team that has released jailbreaks over the years, last released a jailbroken iOS for version 9.3.3. That particular branch comes after version 9.2 which patched the kernel bug in 9.1 that left it open to exploitation. The iOS 9 family of releases ended with version 9.3.5 which was rolled out in August of this year. Not long after, iOS 10 was released and was then followed by several other updates. As of this writing, the current stable version is 10.1.1.

Although there are rumors that Pangu would be releasing an iOS 10 jailbreak come December, there hasn’t been confirmation. According to reports, the jailbreaking team is just waiting for Apple to release version 10.2 before they drop their jailbroken version. What we all can do now is wait and see given Pangu hasn’t said a word on their official Twitter account. So to answer the question of this article’s title: yes you could wait but do try to enjoy the current state of your device.