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Samsung and Google are two of the world’s best tech providers. With huge catalogues at customers’ disposal, Samsung and Google often fight for supremacy across multiple tech markets. With smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and other categories covered and contested on a regular basis, the two have stepped in the VR game and are now looking to outdo each other once more. This time, we are looking at two VR headsets manufactured by Samsung and Google respectively. Let’s see what each device has to offer and which takes the cake in this comparative article.


Let’s talk about what kind of smartphones can be coupled with the two headsets. Samsung’s Gear VR requires a Samsung device from the more recent generations, from the Note 5 and S6 up. The Google Daydream also has limited compatibility options at the moment, with only the Pixel and Pixel XL handsets eligible for the moment.

The Daydream is easier to pair your phone with, as you position it in place then close the lid. The Gear VR requires you to stick your Samsung phone in place through USB connectors.


The two devices have pretty differentiated methods of controlling the headsets. For Google’s Daydream, users assign commands to the device by using the provided remote control. The remote features a trackpad and can also be used to perform control motions. This type of control is more in sync with the way VR sets for computers seem to work by using some type of remote. The small Google remote can even be strapped to the side of the headset when not being used. Samsung on the other hand has ditched the remote control for its Gear VR, opting to implement a trackpad directly onto the device, on the side to be more specific. This allows users to perform actions by reaching to their temple area, giving the Samsung headset a more futuristic movie vibe.


Both devices have access to their own app stores. While Daydream will obviously provide functionality for various Google apps such as YouTube, Samsung provides popular services as well, such as Netflix. The Gear VR can also be used to play Minecraft. While Samsung’s Oculus Store features hundreds of available apps already, Google’s store hasn’t even broken its first 100 yet.