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Samsung has a high-end series of phones with the Galaxy line, especially the S series. They also have the A series of phones in the same family that is designed as an upper mid-range phone. To add more to the confusion, they also have a J series of smartphones which is also aimed at the budget market.

If you’re looking for a budget smartphone but like to limit your choices to just one company, then Samsung is a good place to start. This post will focus on the Galaxy J7 Prime and the Galaxy A5 (2016).


The A series of phones shares similar DNA with the S series. In particular, the A5 (2016) feels like a Galaxy S6 clone and that’s the whole point of the device: provide you with something that feels like a flagship product but for a much lower price.

The J7 Prime, on the other hand, has some design quirks. For instance, the phone’s speaker is located on the beside the power button on the side. Usually, this is located on the bottom edge of the phone. However, the location was intentional: You can lay the phone down and nothing will obstruct sounds from the speaker.


One of the major flaws – if you will – of the J7 Prime is its TFT LCD screen which doesn’t provide the wide screen viewing option of IPS screens. However, it does a better job at color saturation compared to Samsung’s devices which have AMOLED displays like the A5 (2016).


The A5 (2016) comes in two varieties: one equipped with an octa-core Snapdragaon 615 processor and another with an octa-core Exynos 7850 processor. Both these processors are capable of handling everyday computing tasks including the opening and closing of apps. The processors handle game play fairly well too.

The J7 Prime features a 7870 octa-core processor and can handle daily tasks performed on a smartphone. While it may not be as powerful as the flagship products, the performance is rather fine for a budget phone.


Both the J7 Prime and A5 (2016) offer expandable storage up to 256MB but the former is the one that offers two internal storage varieties: 16 or 32GB.


The J7 Prime and the A5 (2016) both offer 13MP primary shooters but those who love taking selfies might enjoy 8MP front snapper of the J7 Prime more. The A5 (2016) only offers a 5MP front shooter. Both can take 1080p videos as well.


Both the J7 Prime and A5 (2016) have non-removable batteries but the former’s is much larger at 3,300mAh compared to the 2,900mAh of the latter.


Both the J7 Prime and A5 (2016) have flaws, but what they both can do is pretty good for a device targeted at users on a budget. With these phones, you have the look and feel of a flagship product but didn’t cost you as much. So your final choice might just boil down to preference. If you like listening to music and capturing photos, then the J7 Prime might be the best fit. Otherwise, the A5 (2016) is pretty much a capable phone.

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