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It seems that Niantic Labs, the developer of Pokémon Go, is now thinking about releasing major update for this game. This major update is expected to be released sometime in December 2016 and it will come with many things that players have been asking for weeks.

If rumors prove to be right, the new update will come with over 100 new normal and legendary Pokémon, trading between players, player versus player battles and many more. This new update will surely bring back a good amount of gamers to the Pokémon Go. We remind you that the Pokémon Go had a great launch, but soon enough, the players have started leaving the game because they got bored and Niantic didn’t understood that it’s essential to bring new features to the game, to make it more fascinating.

It’s not sure if this update will come all at once or it will be released over time, but PokeVS has showed a “before and after” comparison of the code, which clearly suggests where the new updates are expected to be implemented.

Unfortunately, Niantic has not commented anything about these rumors, which means that there are high chances that they will prove to be just hoaxes. We remind you that PokeVS also comes with some awesome tools to share Pokémon locations on social media along with a link to Google Maps that contain the exact location of each Pokémon that has been found.

Niantic will need to make Pokémon Go very interesting in order to lure the gamers back. However, this is not something impossible and if the developer manages to bring new Pokémon, features and options to the game, we are pretty sure that most of the players will give this game another try.

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