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Niantic is struggling to please Pokemon Go players, who still play the game because they like to catch cute little monsters, then send them to battle. Pokemon Go is available on both Android and iOS and it’s updated regularly, because the players find all kinds of bugs and they report them to developers and in addition, there are introduced new features to make the game more exciting. Ever since the game was launched, there were all kinds of issues – unstable servers due to the big number of players, constant app crashes and many glitches and bugs. Then, in September, Niantic has introduced the Buddy Pokemon update and the problems started on iOS.

Many Pokemon Go players have gathered on a Reddit forum called The Silph Road, where they complained that the application started behaving erratically since the Buddy Pokemon update was introduced in September, but it seems that only iOS users have been affected, because on Android, the game works fine. Otakukart has reported that the issue occurred daily, requiring players to restart the application at least three times until it worked properly. Because of the glitch PokeStops and Gyms don’t appear in the game, no Buddy Pokemon appear at all and Sightings are black.

Users had to restart the game multiple times until it worked normally, and it frustrated many trainers who flooded the game’s forum with complaints. For now, it’s not known if the bug has affected all iOS users or only a few of them, but what it interesting is that since the this problem has appeared two months ago, nobody complained at that time, but suddenly, the forums are full of angry trainers who demand Niantic to fix the bug as soon as possible.

We remind you that next month will be released a major update that will bring 100 new Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, including Mew and Mewto and player-versus-player (PVP) battles. Most likely, the developers are currently working on fixing all bugs that were reported by the players and when the December Update will be released for the two platforms, there won’t any other problems.