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The company that brought the phenomenal Pokemon Go, Niantic, is doing the best that it can to deliver the requested features that players want to see. In fact, the players are now very excited for the Generation 2 patch. This has even gained more excitement as rumor has it that it will arrive in December.

Coming along with this release are the new features, aimed to lure back players who seemed to have lost interest on the first installment. Pokemon Go 2 should be ready by now but it could just be waiting for the next update.

According to Niantic, it has released an event that has given away a rare Pokemon Lapras in Japan. Rumors say that the company is planning to spread the event around the world. Moreover, there could be other areas that can take advantage of this event because it will now increase rare Pokemon spawns.

Despite the fact that Niantic didn’t confirm yet, players are hoping to get the update soon because they are having such a hard time to catch rare Pokemons in the current Pokemon Go.

In a report released by a reliable source, Niantic has confirmed the 3D models to come to the current game as soon as they have reused the 3D models they will get from the previous games, Pokemon X and Y. According to reports, such models will be prepared for fans to have a first look.

Leaked 3D models are reportedly for Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil and their respective evolved versions. At the same time, max CP charts for these Pokemons will also arrive in the new Pokemon Go.

A lot of fans may have lost their interest in this game already, but perhaps Pokemon Go 2 will have a new way to lure them back.