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The team behind Minecraft has been very busy the past few months with cooking up ways to make the already popular online game more exciting and accessible to gamers. Not only is the game available in several platforms and playable in 14 OS versions, it can also be played by multi-players, from two to ten who are connected to the same internet connection.

One of the recent updates is the free version of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 for several platforms, including Xbox One and PS3, among others. There was also an update on the Pocket Edition for bug fixes and last month, it there had been reports of the ultimate Boss Ender Dragon update to be released sometime in 2017.

With the exciting news, now is the time to download Minecraft Pocket Edition, in case you haven’t done so yet. This version is already available on the iOS platform and there are talks that Minecraft will also be available for Apple TV.

Given the fact that the Minecraft PE is already playable in iPhones and the multi-platform play feature is already possible, a Minecraft Pocket Edition on Apple TV is the practical and most appropriate choice to make.

If this materializes, the popular building game will be playable in 15 operating systems. The announcement was made by Apple Executive Tim Cook at the Apple’s livestream two weeks ago. He said that this will be launched before the year ends.

Microsoft and Apple are competitors in the industry and a collaboration that was only in the imagination of some and seen as improbable is finally coming to reality. This is a welcoming note, especially to the avid fans of the game since they will be the ones to benefit from this update.

With Minecraft Pocket PE, it is now possible to play online with up to 10 friends. Moreover, this version is available in three platforms: iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

Minecraft was developed by Mojang with Telltale Games and in 2014.  Microsoft acquired the former for $2.5 billion. Since the acquisition there had been several updates on the lego-like building game and the upcoming Ender Dragon update.

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