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All jailbreak fans have been waiting for the Chinese hacker team called Pangu to release a new jailbreak tool for iOS 10 and reports are showing that Pangu is getting closer. The reason why most people are jailbreaking their iOS operated device is to be able to install apps that Apple does not approve of.

Apple knows that all independent developers are trying to hack their new operating system and because of that Apple has been rolling out security updates constantly to their iOS 10. Reports are indicating that Pangu will release the new jailbreak tool next month. The only downside of that is that Apple is set to launch iOS 10.2 next month as well, and this might mean that the jailbreak tool will not work on iOS 10.2 operated devices.

The new iOS 10.2 is intended to bring just bug fixes in the most part, and Pangu’s strategy seems to be to wait for Apple to launch the iOS update and at the same time launch their jailbreak tool so that Apple can’t instantly add a security patch to prevent it’s user from using the tool.

Apple stated that their iOS 10 is the most secure operating system yet but rumor has it that some developers already managed to find a security breach in their system. It seems that there are actually jailbroken iOS 10.1.1 using an iPhone 7, but until any proof surfaces we can’t be sure of anything.

Pangu is the most liable jailbreak tool creating team since in the past they managed to find security cracks in all of Apple’s operating systems and we can be sure that they will surely release a new jailbreak tool soon enough. The last one released by Pangu is for iOS 9.3 and can be found on their official website.