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According to new reports, The Division Update 1.5 will be released soon for the PS4 console. We remind you that this update is already available for Xbox One and Windows PC, but it seems that the developers have finally decided to bring it to Sony’s console.

We remind you that these are just rumors, as Ubisoft has not confirmed anything yet. However, if rumors will prove to be right, next Tuesday, the PS4 owners will be able to update their The Division game to version 1.5. This update comes with the “Survival DLC” update, but it will take some time for it to be unlocked on the PS4, as the DLC has 30 days Xbox One exclusivity. Once those 30 days expire, “Survival DLC” will also be unlocked on the PS4 consoles.

Ubisoft has recently explained how they came up with “The Division” Update 1.4. It seems that the company has understood that before they can start “luring” the fans with totally a new content, they need to fix all issues and bugs that have ruined the game. The Division: Update 1.4 has fixed lots of problems and it seems that the fans are now starting to enjoy the game more than before.

In addition, The Division: Survival DLC has been released for the Xbox One console, which means that the developers have finally succeeded to improve the game. Now, the PS4 gamers are expecting “The Division: Update 1.5” to be released.

We have to remind you that “The Division” didn’t have a good launch, as the servers were crashing and there were many issues and bugs. In addition, the PC version of the game had even more issues, as many hackers have started using third-party tools in order to use auto-aim, see through walls etc.

While the game has been improved, it seems that there are still fans that are not sure yet if this title will be as successful as they’ve expected.