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Crossy Road has started as an arcade game that was motivated by the classic Frogger. Basically, it can be played by guiding an animal to cross a series of streets full of dangers and traffic conditions.

The gameplay in the Crossy Road is so simple. Just tap the screen and the character on your game will be able to make a jump ahead. Meanwhile, as you slide your finger from side to side will enable the character to move sideways. The idea is to move as far as possible to avoid the vehicles that pass along the highway.

Dangers will get along the way, but there are coins that you can collect while getting away. These coins can be used to buy animals that you can use to take across the obstacles. Despite the fact that these characters don’t have any special abilities, some of them actually look very fashionable.

The charming graphical quality of the game is one of the game’s strong points. It basically has a minimalistic and polygon-like environment, which presents aesthetics that should go between Minecraft and Frogger.

With this reinvention of the classic arcade game, it will add a new layer to the 1981 hit from Konami, which manages to provide fun and fresh experience. It has even perfectly adapted to the touch screen.

The current version of the game will require Android 4.1 and up. Crossy Road 2 is categorized as an action and adventure genre. Yodo1 Games has released Crossy Road 2.1.1 that you can download for free. iOS devices will be required to have at least 7.0 or later. It should be compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

If you want to try out Crossy Road 2, make sure that your device is compatible. This game’s graphics should be a bit comparable with Minecraft. It should be a fun experience to try a reinvented game with your friends and family.