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There are many Microsoft applications that can be installed on an Android device, but every once in a while, they need to be improved, to offer a better user experience. This time, the developers have fixed some bugs and brought a few new features to its popular applications Cortana and Office.

We’ll start with the personal assistant, whose version was update to 1.9.12. A very useful feature that users will appreciate and which has been added in the latest version is the birthday reminder, which will notify them when someone from their Outlook Calendar celebrates his/her birthday. The notifications are displayed early in the morning and users will never miss a reminder, especially that the application supports now multiple calendars. In addition, the location system has been improved and many bugs have been fixed, so that Cortana should work flawlessly.

On the other hand, the new features that were added to Office were firstly tested by members of the Office Insider program and Microsoft has brought all kinds of goodies to the final version 16.0.7531.1002. According to the change-log, from now on, users will be able to edit their PowerPoint presentations directly from their Box account, store and access their files any time, thanks to Egnyte and Weyun integration, and they will be notified when someone accesses their shared documents or shares a Word, PowerPoint or Excel document with them.

Microsoft has also improved support for TalkBack, it made enhancements to keyboard and added a new Maps chart type to the Excel app, which will make geographic data look professional. In addition, users will set a text for hyperlink, so the full link will no longer be displayed. Finally, users will now be able to open files that contain ActiveX controls, as well as web and text queries.

It seems that Microsoft’s new strategy is to lure owners of non-Windows mobile devices to access its services and this is why it keeps updating its applications.