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When Clash of Clans was released for iOS platforms in 2012, it was well-received by gamers who liked the idea of a massive multiplayer online game for mobile devices. The game asks players to build a community – clans if you will – and train troops in order to attack other clans in order to earn items needed for survival. These items are gold, elixir and Dark Elixir with the first two used for building defenses and the latter two used for training troops, upgrades and spells.

The game has been widely successful for a number of years now and although it has received frequent updates, there are questions about the possibility of a Clash of Clans 2?

First off, the possibility of one isn’t impossible given the continued success of the game. However, for the developers to pursue a sequel, the story has to be really good and different from the first, otherwise why bother? After all, if they don’t choose to release a sequel, they can continue making the current edition of the game even better.

There are still so many features that gamers want from the current game, and luckily these are heard by Supercell, the game’s developers. Gamers are your main sources of improvements and even bugs and their voice is valuable to the improvement of a game. While developers may have their own ideas, it bodes well to extend an ear to the community who actually use the game on a daily basis and form their opinion based on what they can see and do with the game.

As of now, continuous improvement seems to be on the mind of the developers of Clash of Clans. An update scheduled to be released this December looks to contain several new features. A statue for the Barbarian King will be introduced as well as the arrival of a Red Barbarian King. A Red Archer Queen can also be purchased together with the King in a gem package. Other improvements include a shipyard and air defenses. While these updates were uncovered by a Redditor, players are still waiting with anticipation for these upgrades.

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