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A lot of people might get confused upon which app should be used to keep mobile devices free from threats and to keep it optimized to achieve better performance. Thus, in order to gain a better view on which app is more suitable in such cases, here are two of the most talked about apps in the market today. 360 Security and CM Security have been put to the test to provide potential users an overview about the significance of keeping mobile devices optimized.

360 Security

This type of tool have evolved as many improvements have been added in order to streamline mobile device processes. This is referred to as the all-around tool to keep Android devices up and running in a fast and secured manner. 360 Security will just work in the background at first, but will eventually jump in when needed.

  • Boost – just one tap and it can boost and scan your mobile device to remove apps running in the background.
  • Clean­ – this option will help scan and get rid of unnecessary residual cache files that some of the apps will create.
  • Antivirus – provides support to scan viruses and malware, but some older Samsung devices might find this annoying due to some false threat reports.

Other features offered by 360 Security include App Box, AppLock, App Manager, Find My Phone, Call & SMS filter, data monitor, and quick notification toggles.

CM Security

Another great mobile app is CM Security. This app really gives impressive complete real-time protection, fast scanning, excellent performance, and minimalistic design. CM or Clean Master Security is a mobile security and antivirus app that has been developed by Clean Master. It provides protection against Trojan, vulnerabilities, spyware, malware, adware, and viruses on any Android mobile devices.

The main features of the app includes the following:

  • AppLock – will protect apps that you consider important. Likewise, it will catch intruders trying to unlock protected files, which notifies the owner using the photos of intruders.
  • AntiVirus – the anti-virus engine of this app has been ranked as the number 1 by AV-TEST. This will effectively detect and remove certain spyware, malware, vulnerabilities, and viruses with a single tap.
  • Privacy Cleaner – this will erase personal information on the clipboard, as well as browsing records with emphasis on banking, shopping, and online videos.
  • WiFi Scanner – aside from keeping Wi-Fi connection safe and fast, it will also provide the ability to detect any phishing scams. At the same time, it will help monitor and boost the speed of your Wi-Fi.

Basically, CM Security Antivirus is hosted by local and cloud engines in order to protect the mobile device from threats. This can be used to scan the entire system of the user, including the SD Cards and new apps as well as their updates. It can also be scheduled to start any time, which can be remotely controlled through a website.

Perhaps you can now decide which mobile security app can give you an advantage. In the clash between 360 Security vs CM Security, you might get an idea which one should fit your needs.