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Windows Media Player (WMP) is a software application Microsoft developed that allows video and audio playing as well as viewing images from desktop computers and laptops that have Windows OS and mobile devices that are Windows-based. While there have been versions of WMP created for Mac OS and Solaris, these editions have not be developed further.

A successor to Media Player, WMP can also copy and rip music from CDs as well as burn rewritable discs in the format of audio CD. It is also capable of synchronizing content with mobile devices and digital audio players such as MP3s.

The latest version of Windows Media Player is WMP 12 that was released in 2009, concurrent with the release of Windows 7. While this has not been upgraded for succeeding windows versions Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, Windows RT does not support Windows Media Player.

Since the first WMP was released in 1997, there were between one and three-year intervals for the succeeding versions, with WMP 12 released three years after Windows Media Player 11 was launched. Given that Windows 10 remains to be the latest OS version and it comes with a pre-installed WMP 12, it is understandable if there is not another WMP update. Moreover, the current edition already comes with interesting features.

Windows Media Player 12 is capable of playing more videos and music. Features also include FlipVideo and unprotected songs from the iTunes library. This WMP version also lets the user organize digital media as well as sync digital media files to portable devices such as mobiles phones and tablets. This is because it offers built-in support for popular audio and video formats.Moreover, purchase of digital content online is also possible with this WMP update.

Other features include streamlined playback modes that allows the user to minimize the Now Playing mode so user can multitask while listening to music or watching a video. It also comes with a new taskbar thumbnail complete with playback controls. Customization is also possible with WMP 12 with available skins and plug-ins.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has revealed bundles and deals for the upcoming Black Friday event in a few days. While no updates are in the works for WMP 12, there will definitely be new devices and gadgets from Microsoft.