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There are some iOS users who have moved on from waiting for a jailbreak to happen. They have accepted that these things take a while and it might be best to spend time waiting for something else. Besides, Apple has made tons of improvements to their devices that it almost doesn’t make sense to still want a jailbroken device.

One of the most trusted names when it comes to jailbreaking is Pangu and their last release was for iOS 9.3.3. Since we’re talking about iOS 10 this time, it’s pretty clear that the iOS 9 line has ended, but 9.3.3 wasn’t the last – it’s actually 9.3.5 which was released in August 2016.

iOS 10, on the other hand, was announced in June 2016 and the actual release came months after, in September. While some iOS users were fine with the way things are, there’s still some users who want to do more with their device. This is the main purpose of jailbreaking: to break free from the chains that Apple has put on their devices. But is one coming?

2016 is about to end but we still haven’t received official word of progress on an iOS 10 jailbreak. Currently, the stable version of the iOS 10 family is version 10.1.1 which was unveiled in October. There are some reports claiming that Pangu is waiting for Apple to release version 10.2 before making theirs available. However, since there’s no official word, all of this is speculation.

Apple has done a great many things with iOS 10. With this OS, users no longer have to “slide to unlock” but just press the home button. Notifications are also better in the iOS10 as more information is given. These are just a few of the many interesting changes with the new OS. But will a jailbreak for this version ever arrive? Or has Pangu given up? We will have to play a game of “wait and see.”