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The default mobile OS version that shipped with the Galaxy J7 (2016) and J7 Prime was Android 6.0.1 or Marshmallow. Usually, that gives devices an advantage at being upgraded to a higher version once it rolls out. While Samsung has unveiled a Galaxy Beta Program for S7 and S7 Edge users, none has been offered to users of their mid-range phones. Is this safe to assume that those phones will never get to see Android 7.0? Maybe, maybe not.

Then again, Samsung isn’t actually quick when it comes to releasing new OS updates for their devices. While they did confirm that Nougat would be made available for the Note 7 device, that plan was shot down when a series of fires and explosions caused the company to completely discontinue the handset. The end of Note 7’s life meant Nougat would now be available for owners of S7 and S7 Edge – which Samsung confirmed by offering a beta test.

But when is Android Nougat going to roll out for Samsung Galaxy devices? Using the timeframe of Android 6.0’s release, we can assume that Galaxy devices would be getting an update about five months after the Nougat roll out. Marshmallow was released on September 2015 but devices got the update on March 2016.

With S7 and S7 Edge expected to get Nougat updates by January or February next year, is it safe to say that J7 (2016) or J7 Prime would be getting theirs a bit sooner? Truth be told, this is hard to confirm without official word from Samsung – and the only official word has been a beta test program for the S7 and S7 Edge.

While there is a petition to allow J7 to get Nougat, there are also rumors that Samsung might not provide the update to devices with processors lower than Snapdragon 801. J7 (2016) has the Snapdragon 617 and Exynos 7870 chip while the J7 Prime is equipped with the Exynos 7870.